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At Valrico Animal Clinic, we strive to provide excellent customer service and compassionate, comprehensive medical care.

We are a state of the art, full-service Veterinary Hospital, able to provide you and your pet the highest level of veterinary care available.

Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Services:

Examinations and Wellness Care

At Valrico Animal Clinic, we offer comprehensive examinations that help evaluate the overall health of your pet. Regular physical examinations can detect problems in their early stages, before they become serious illnesses requiring prolonged treatment. Preventative medicine is the easiest, least expensive and most important way to keep your pet healthy.
Along with your pets physical exam we offer tailored wellness lab profiles based on your pets age. Annual lab testing helps us have a more complete picture of your pets overall health. Our preventative programs can help us detect underlying conditions in a timely fashion, resulting in a wider choice of treatment options, better outcomes and longer lives.

Avian and Exotic Veterinary Care

vac16_32vac16_34 Dr. David Thomassy and Dr Nicole Jimenez have special interests and are very experienced with Avian, Reptile and Exotic pet care.

Surgical Services

Surgery We provide a full range of surgical services, including Spaying, Neutering, Declawing, Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery (Dental/Oral Surgery, Tumor Removal, Abdominal Surgery), Orthopedic Surgery (Fracture Repair, Knee and Hip Repair) and Avian and Exotic Surgery.


Immunizations are a crucial part of your pet’s health care. Usually administered during an annual exam, we work with you to develop an individual vaccine protocol that best suits your pet’s needs.

Digital Radiography and In House Laboratory Testing

XRay-Room vac16_50 Services-Pic We are able to perform vital lab tests and radiographs (including dental radiographs) in house to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.


Hair loss and constant scratching can indicate fleas, food allergies or other more serious skin conditions. We provide specialized dermatological services to all of our patients including allergy testing and desensitization treatments.


vac16_53 Clean teeth and healthy gums are essential to your pet’s health. Infections are more common in the mouth because they can go undetected for long periods of time. Our veterinary staff regularly performs oral exams, cleanings and periodontal care as part of our comprehensive health care goals. Dental problems, if left untreated, can often lead to larger systemic problems in your pet due to oral bacteria entering the blood stream and damaging the kidneys, heart and liver.

Microchip Identification

This unique form of identification is an easy, yet permanent way to bring your pet home quickly should he / she become lost. The microchip is a tiny electronic device, about the size and shape of a grain of rice. It is implanted beneath your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades, and stays there for his / her entire life. This procedure is as easy and as painless as a vaccination.

Nutritional Counseling

vac16_01 vac16_05 Proper diet is an important part of your pet’s health. Should your pet need a new diet due to health concerns or you are just looking for a healthy alternative to your current brand, we offer individual consultations and nutritional plans to help keep your pet healthy.

Behavior Counseling

Pets often show illness or anxiety through improper or changed behavior. Let our staff help you determine what is appropriate behavior and what you can do to change inappropriate behavior.


vac16_28 vac16_30 State of the Art, Luxury Boarding Suites are available to provide your pet with the best accomodations and comfort while you are away.


vac16_57vac16_56 Full-time grooming services for your pet dogs are available Monday thru Friday with Juliana.

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